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What does The Vessel mean?

Glad you asked ! For years I operated under James Liu Photography, photographing events part-time while going to school. Now that I finally graduated with a marketing degree (6 years in the making), I want to take this to the next level! Born The Vessel Photos.

The Vessel - a hollow container. I know the other definition is a ship, large boat (LOL) but that is not what I was going for. I first thought of this name from two of the weddings I shot in the middle of the pandemic; the couples did a "sand ceremony" by pouring different color sand into a container symbolizing their commitment coming together as one.

To us, when a client begins that initial conversation, you have started that joint commitment with us. We want to fill that vessel along with you and your other half. Our commitment to you will last a lifetime just like the moments we capture.

James Liu

Lead Photographer

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I am James - Owner of The Vessel Photos. I have a passion for beautiful landscape photography. I began my career photographing the beautiful scenery around California, but have since fell in love with people photography. I often look for beautiful natural sunlight within my images

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