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Top 5 Asian Wedding Planners in Orange County

Hiring a Wedding Planner/Coordinator is one of the best investments you can make for your big day. It takes away a lot of the stress and pressure that comes along with planning weddings. Your Wedding Planner will allow you to enjoy the process of planning your wedding day! Take it from me, an Asian Photographer based in Orange County that's worked with very talented Asian wedding planners!

1. Khanh P Duong

I worked with Khanh on a Vietnamese wedding back in 2019, it is not an overstatement to say Khanh truly loves her brides and the vendors she works with. She will be involved in ANY part of your planning process, she will take on the bridezilla role towards vendors and venues, so you don’t have to. OH… Her MC skills where do I begin? She keeps the flow of the wedding going, she is bilingual (Vietnamese & English), keeps the audiences engaged… I can go on but you get the idea, she is awesome and as the photographer it was an absolute charm and pleasure to work with her.


Instagram: @Khanhpduong

2. Withloveb Weddings (Brenda)

I worked with Brenda and her team at a Vietnamese/Hispanic wedding at The Vintage Rose in Orange in 2021 (post pandemic shutdown). She was organize from the top down and was able to magically fit all the necessary items on a fast pace day. Throughout the day she and her team were constantly checking up on the wedding party as well as the vendor to ensure we have enough time. Prior to the wedding day, Brenda made sure have a call with each vendor to ensure everyone are on the same page and she will make changes to timelines according to each vendor’s need. She prioritized getting every moment and every guest captured, she made sure the vendors are fed and not overworked. One thing I enjoyed about Brenda and her team is how flexible they are, changes are going to happen but with this team’s organized working style make things smooth.


Instagram: @withlovebweddings

3. Sweet Events by Anh (Anh)

I worked with Anh and her team at a birthday party, the team was there early to set up so that the photographer (me) could take images of the venue before guests arrive. I had more than enough time to photograph all the details. Anh and her team of 10 people were in every single corner to ensure all the guests are being fed, enough to drink. One thing I really enjoyed about Anh and her team was how detail-oriented they were, if the balloons were slightly off centered you will see them jumping on it right the way!


Instagram: @Sweeteventsbyanh

4. Modest Magnolia (Maria & Tiffany)

I have not yet worked with Maria & Tiffany, however I have been following their Instagram page for a long time. Many of my photography clients around Irvine have worked with Modest Magnolia and all had very good things to say about the team. Here are their contact info to check out some of their stunning works!


Instagram: @modestmagnolia (look at that aesthetic!!)

5. Kelly Duprat

Another very talented Planner right here in Southern California that I have not personally worked with, but received lots of recommendations from wedding venues and event planners. And trust me, as a wedding photographer I know good content when I see them!


Instagram: @kellydupratweddingplanner

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